Developing a startup product is one thing, but creating and launching enterprise-scale products is another project that takes another approach. Here we need to create a top-shelf product designed to be an all-inclusive solution to problems that a business might face. These types of solutions are usually very knowledge-demanding. In this article, we will reveal the secrets of how to build a software product everybody would like to use.

How to build a software product everybody would like to use. By UppLabs

Originally, this article was published on UppLabs blog by Tonya Smyrnova.


To clarify the concept of the enterprise-scale product, let’s define this kind of products:

What can be more comfortable than to be able to search for all properties in one place? And this is possible with a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) — a database that contains the information for real estate professionals and makes the process of buying and selling property. If you have integrations with the fullest MLS listings on your website, if it’s clear and all the functions are easy to use, it’s more chances that a person will become your buyer. In this article, we are going to introduce to you the best MLS integrations for your Real Estate software.

Best MLS integrations for Real Estate software. By UppLabs


Originally this article was published on UppLabs blog by Tonya Smyrnova.

How to prepare the documentation for succsessfull software project development. By UppLabs

Start a successful project: a guide on business requirements, docs, mockups, and communication with the vendor

All software development products require documentation that covers the business requirements, guides on mockups creation, clarifies product functionality, and serves as the basis for discussing essential issues between business owners and developers. The main goal of creating such documentation is to grant that you are heading in the same direction as the development team.

There are plenty of document types and requirements that need to be mentioned. …

There is a market that always seems to be growing, and it is the Real Estate market. Fortunately, there are several very complex solutions on the market for businesses that need to manage multiple properties. Many of them are cloud services, which means that you can access what you need from anywhere in the world, for example, using your smartphone. This article highlights the best real estate property management software and shows how to integrate with them.

Real Estate property management. by UppLabs

Originally, this article was published on UppLabs blog.


The software market for real estate agencies offers many systems that can automate a real…

UppLabs & Nika Tech Family smart investments

How to triple an IT company’s profit? By UppLabs

Originally, this material was published on UppLabs blog.

As technology professionals, the UppLabs team used to think about the best software development services we can deliver to our clients. That was and still is our TOP priority. However, every company aimed at growing. In this material, we would like to describe UppLabs’ way of tripling our profits following Nika Tech Family smart investments.


UppLabs is a software development company with great experience in outsourcing. For 6 years of our existence, the company managed to develop a customer base, got lots of positive feedback and high recognition for our projects.


Today the world is experiencing the rebirth of telemedicine: virtual receptions in time of a global lockdown is one of the safest ways to consult patients and prevent the spread of coronavirus in hospitals. Launching a telemedicine app can be a great success and a revolutionary decision for healthcare institutions. But what hidden pitfalls of the telemedicine software can we face today and how to avoid them — that is the question we are going to answer in this article.

Hidden pitfalls of the telemedicine software. By UppLabs

Originally this article was published on UppLabs blog by Tonya Smyrnova.


There are many interpretations of the “telemedicine” term. From…

The globalization of the world economy is growing steadily, which requires more straightforward access to banking services from anywhere. Neobanks are becoming so successful in modern society because they meet the expectations of consumers. Today, everyone has the opportunity not to go to the bank every time they got an issue. Numerous work tasks are concentrated in the mobile and browser interfaces. What neobanking trend challenges do we expect for software development in 2021?

Originally this article was published on UppLabs blog by Tonya Smyrnova.


A Neobank is a Fintech-based bank that operates digitally or via a mobile app and…

Every software product that we use is data-driven. SimilarWeb, SoundCloud, a bunch of Microsoft and Google services, PdfFiller, Readdle, and others you might be using are continually improving their product by using product metrics. If you run a company and would like to deliver a quality product with the most value, encouraging your return and loyalty, you probably start your weeks by looking at metrics — pieces of measurable data that shows the changes in revenue and customer behavior. But how to use them in the most productive way?

Tracking and improving digital product metrics. Best practices by UppLabs

In this article by Tonya Smyrnova (originally published on UppLabs blog)…

In our practice, we receive many requests from clients who would like to ask for advice on organizing their delivery process. UppLabs’s team decided to collect all those questions and share our abiding expertise. What should you monitor to ensure that your product works stable and does not have any missed issues? How can you save your data from DB crashes? What DevOps tools can you use?

This article reveals our best practices for project development and deployment, offers the checklist of the infrastructure and application security policies, and answers all potential questions.

Originally this article was published on UppLabs blog by Tonya Smyrnova.


Monitoring is the start point for any…

Healthcare remains one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world. This year, Covid-19 has shown the critical need to deliver innovative and modern healthcare solutions. The entire healthcare industry changes so quickly that you can’t be sure anymore if your legacy software system solves all the problems. Does it integrate with changes or support the new standards? How to find out and what to do next? Why do we need an update and what challenges can we face? This article has the purpose of answering all of these questions.

Originally this acrticle was published on UppLabs blog by…


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