The Internet and the transfer to online businesses contributed to the rapid growth of world trade over the years. Therefore, most financial institutions and payment systems have developed cross-border payments to facilitate and speed up money transactions.

The trusted and reliable banking approach came across the challenges from rising solutions…

Originally, this material was published by Tonya Smyrnova on UppLabs blog.

Custom medical software vs ready-made solutions. By UppLabs

The digital innovations take hospitals and medical facilities into a new stage of development. The technologies simplify the daily process and automate the healthcare system. Some medical institutions use ready-made software solutions, others prefer to choose the custom software…

Originally this article was published by Tonya Smyrnova on UppLabs blog.

How the KYx changing the lending tech by UppLabs

We live in a world where every information is easy to know. Now it’s possible to find out not only where you were last weekend, but even what’s your name on somebody’s phone. Many may be upset or even…

Due to the rise of digital platforms, the Banking and Financial industry experience great transformations. One of the biggest trends in the modern economy is the ability to fulfill a transaction between clients and providers directly — the process of Uberization. What does it bring to the end-users and the…

Originally this article was published on UppLabs blog by Tonya Smyrnova.

Impact of digitization on cybersecurity and regulatory environment. By UppLabs

Every day, we witness numerous examples of how digital technologies contribute to peace, human rights, and sustainable development for the benefit of society as a whole. The biggest prospects along with the highest risks digital transformation brings to the…


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